Dooky Cover

With the Original Dooky you can easily create a quiet and peaceful environment for your child without being bothered by light, wind, sun, noise, light rain and oter surrounding influences. The Dooky is universal and easily fits in seconds to any infant carrier, stroller and pushchair.


Because of its unique and registered design, the Dooky is easily adjustable in height. Simply roll your Dooky up and down using the Velcro strips, keeping the sunlight away from your child’s face. When your child is asleep, simply roll it all the way down to create a dark and quiet environment. With the additional strings on the bottom you


Universal: fits in seconds easily to any infant carrier,

stroller and pushchair

Easy adjustable in height, simply roll your Dooky up and


Protects your child against sun, wind, light, cold, noise,

light rain

100% breathable cotton creates sufficient ventilation


Dooky is hand washable and has an excellent

UV-protection factor of UPF40+, which will block

over 95% of harmful UVA and UVB rays.

You can easily attach the Dooky Cover

on a Maxi Cosi Pebble.

Dooky Special Design

Dooky Limited Editions

Images are examples of limited editions

Dooky Special Editions

Universal Cover

Protects against winter cold, snow and wind

100% fleece and easy to clean

Keeps your baby warm

Dooky Private label

We can customize your Dooky with any print, logo or design.


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